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    Create your own Personalized Photo Balloon by simply uploading a photo to cover the whole balloon and customize it by adding personalized text. Or, upload your own design following the Image Requirements below. And, if you use Photoshop, a template is provided below.

    Choose from the 11 inch TableTop Photo Balloon or the 22 inch Helium Ready Photo Balloon

    Image Requirements:

    • For best results, your image size should be no smaller than 12 inches x 12 inches in diameter at no less than 150dpi (1800 x 1800 pixels minimum).
    • If you are using a digital photo, it should come from a camera with at least 5 megapixels and set at it's highest resolution settings.  
    • If you are scanning a photo, please scan at no less than 600dpi.  
    • DO NOT submit pictures from social media sites or screenshots from mobile devices as the resolution is too low.
    • DO NOT crop your photos as we need plenty of image area to fill the printable space.
    • We support the following image file formats: .jpg, .png, .eps, .cdr, .ai, .psd .pdf, .tif. 

    For TableTop balloons, the subject of your image and most of your text should be in the center of the balloon in a 7.25' diameter because the image starts to drop to the sides of the balloon when it is inflated.

    For Helium Ready balloons, the image and text can go directly to the outer edge of the design as this balloon does not print to the edge, but in the center of the balloon. When this balloon is inflated, most of the white area drops to the sides of the balloon.

    Keep in mind that balloons are round and pictures are rectangular. Anything outside the diameter of the balloon will not be printed. 
    View Examples


    Download Photo Balloon Template TableTop - Click here to download a Photoshop™ template with instructions to assist you. (3.5MB file) (Photoshop™ required)  
    Download Photo Balloon Template Helium - Click here to download a Photoshop™ template with instructions to assist you. (2.5MB file) (Photoshop™ required)  
    • You will save your design file to your computer and attach and upload it in the Balloon Photo Upload field below. 
    • If you added text to your balloon design, please do not retype text in the fields below.

    The TableTop balloons are printed on both sides ready to be held and cheered on at events, or inserted into a vase with flowers to personalize any party arrangement! And you have a choice of optional bases to stand or stick on flat surfaces.

    The Helium Ready Mylar balloon is printed on the front center Hi-Resolution coated printing surface and is shipped to you ready to be filled with helium from your local grocery or party store. The back of the Helium balloon is mylar.

    Our Photo Balloons are NOT 'off the shelf' mass produced, manufacturer pre-printed mylar balloons with just your photo stuck to it.

    Our Photo Balloons are specially coated for high resolution printing, and each Photo Balloon is custom printed with our professionally designed and highly detailed color graphics templates with your picture included in the design.

    TableTop Photo Balloons are printed with 100% ink coverage on BOTH SIDES of the balloon, and 22" Helium Ready Photo Balloons are printed on the front center of the balloon and has a silver mylar back. We print on commercial quality professional printers that produce extremely high resolution and color rich photo quality images. (actual print quality is dependent on the resolution, color & lighting quality of your images)

    All Photo Balloons can be deflated and re-inflated at any time. You can save your deflated balloons as a keepsake! You can even frame them! Our unique Custom Photo Balloons never fail to WOW and always become the topic of conversation at any party! Be prepared to tell everybody where you shopped for your Custom Photo Balloons.

    Personalization Options:

    ► Balloon Type: (uninflated size)

    Balloon Type

    11" TableTop Balloon     No Base

    11" TableTop Balloon + White Base

    11" TableTop Balloon + Suction Cup Base

    22" Helium Balloon (helium not included)

    ► Additional Base (for TableTop - NOT FOR HELIUM BALLOONS)

    Additional Base

    ► Upload Your Photo (TableTop prints on BOTH SIDES)

    ► Enter Text to Print on the Top of Your Balloon (25 char)

    ► Enter Text to Print on the Bottom of Your Balloon (35 char)

    ►► TableTop (NOT HELIUM) - Add a Different Photo for 2nd side

    ( +$2.00 )

    ►► Add a Custom Message for only $1.00 more!

    maximum characters allowed
    ( +$1.00 )

    ► Request an Email Proof for Approval (will delay shipping)

    Email Proof

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